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April Burns Event & Wedding Planning Annual Summit!!

April is Opening Up Her World, Her Mind, Her eye For detail, her Creativity at The April Burns Event and Wedding Planning summit. Spend time With April as She takes You Through the learning, and Sharing of What She Knows. You will Lean how to build a Bridal Business, how to sustain a Career and how to stand out amongst the crowd of a Growing! Event industry. At this camp-summit you will hear, learn and interact with Experts, Speakers, Who will help to grow your business, gain Exposure for your Expertise, Plan Better Events, increase Your Profitability, Work Better With Your Clients and Find Work/& life Balance.

Register Today!! Prepare, Plan, Pursue, Create and Achieve With April Burns! Join The Planners, Experts, Designers, and Professionals From across The Country and Around The World!! For This intimate Experience. Scroll Down To Register For April Burns luxury Event Planning Summit!! Get Clear!! Get Connected!! Come Collaborate!! and Celebrate!! Your Expertise!! Come Learn How to Gain Exposure For your Business!!

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We Have two Payment Options Available!! Pay Now $625

And a Week Before The Actual Event Pay Remainder $625 Or Pay In Full NOW!!

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Payment Options Available! Register Today!!

Compare our Wedding Event packages and find the best fit for you.

Wedding-Camp Summit


 VIP Entrance-Pay In Full 1,250 NOW!!

Best Package Offer

Bring 1 Guest Free!!
Training Sessions
Wedding & Event Materials
Binders, Books, and VIP Red Carpet
Wedding-Camp Summit


Two Payments $625 Broken Down

Best for General Entrance

Bring 1 Guest Free!!
Training Sessions
Wedding & Event Materials
Binders, Books, and VIP Red Carpets
Wedding-Camp Summit



Best for Regular Entrance

Training Sessions
Wedding & Event Materials

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You Will Learn

How to grow your business, get exposure for your expertise, ignite your Passion and expand your Creativity. What you learn here you'll get no where else.

You Will be inspired

You'll be inspired by April's Stories-The Challenges, the setbacks, the defeats and the overall victories. You'll discover what it will take to get your brand known and in the public eye.

You will interact

You will learn and interact and Collaborate with other like-minded attendees, entrepreneurs, experts and speakers. Discover why Networking is important to your business and it's growth.

You will be encouraged

You will be encouraged to Dream Bigger! Think Bigger!! and to Go Further and be Better advanced in your field of expertise. Learn how to make 6-figures in your Niche.

You will be inspired

You will be inspired to create more, learn more, want more and share more. and you will learn what it takes to be coached by the best experts, and mentors in the industry.

You will learn & Grow

You will grow and learn from April's year's of experience and knowledge in event planning and wedding coaching. Guest speakers will help bring value and discuss: How Planners and designers can work better together as a team with vendors, therefore, matching, the goals and expectations.

Here's What We'll Discuss:

Check Below For Topics Discussed During Event!!

Engaging Panels

Engaging Panels On-visual to include designers, lighting, and table rentals logistics panel to include- Caterer entertainment and furniture rentals-to gown rentals.

How to Navigate

How to navigate the legal issues and challenges of the event planning and  wedding industry. How to look over contracts and to meeting with vendors and regular supliers.

April and her team

April and her team will spend hours with all guests  attendees as she shares her knowledge, her mistakes, set backs, which turned into growth-therefore, allowing you to leave with tools and strategies necessary to build your business and expand your creativity and effectiveness...

Help Bring value and discuss..

Discuss how planners and designers can work better together as a team with vendors, therefore, matching the goals and expectations and reality of your ideal client or clients. We'll discuss appointment setting and canceling, to cake tasting and more.

Register Today! & Earn More!!

Register Today!! Prepare to Plan, Pursue, Create and Achieve With April Burns Join the Planners, Experts Designers and Professionals From across the Country and around the World For this intimate Experience.. Gain exposure For Your Expertise!
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Hi!! I'm Delighted That You Are Here!! Today, during this introduction video I'll be sharing with you some very valuable information about the wedding-camp and why you can't Miss This extraordinary Opportunity to Meet Brilliant Wedding and Event Planners, and Experts. This event is like no other you'll ever experience.

April's Event and Wedding Planning!! Wedding Camp-Summit!

April's Event Planning is For Aspiring, Beginning and For The Event Planners Who's Looking to Refresh & Sharpen Their Skills While Learning New tools, Strategies and More That Will Take Their Business From Unknown to Known and Gain More Exposure For Their Expertise!! Event Planning Requires-Creativity, Patience, Passion and a Strong Business Plan. April Burns Has Build an Amazing Career as a Co-Planners of Events and is Now Ready to Teach, Share, and Educate Those That Want a Mentor, Ready to Listen, Learn and Grow. April invites You to The Event Planning Conference Where You Will have The Opportunity To Learn From April and Other Experts. Whether You Are Considering Getting into The industry, or Looking to Breath New Excitement into a Career You Have Had for Sometimes, April Opens up Her World, Her Mind, Her Creativity at The April Burns Event Planning Conference and Wedding-Camp. Spend Time With April as She Takes You Through learning, Listening and Sharing What She Knows. You Will Learn how to Build a Business, Gain Exposure, how to Build and Sustain a Career and How to Stand out amongst The Crowd of a Growing Event and Wedding industry. Learn How to Double Your Profits, Create Content Your Clients Can't Refuse. At This Conference, You Will Hear and interact With Experts, and Speakers Who Will Help You Grow Your Brand and Business, Plan Better Events, increase Your Profitability, Work Better With Your Clients and Find Work/Life Balance. There Will Be a Dynamic Panel That You Will Participate in and an Engaging Round Table Discussion.

Sign Up To Attend, Collaborate, Learn & Grow!!

Take a Look inside What's included in Your Conference Registration:

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Join This Life & Business Changing Event!!

Here's What's Included In Your Conference:

April Will Host:

April will host interactive-Sessions, Speakers round table Activities and panel discussion.

You'll Enjoy a welcome Cocktail..

A welcome cocktail and red carpet party Hosted by April, and her team. You'll enjoy Q & A Panel Discussion..

Enjoy Networking:

You'll enjoy your morning, mingle and networking.

Enjoy A Fabulous Evening:

You'll enjoy a Fabulous Final evening of elegance, live entertainment, stunning decor and a night of sophistication to conclude the day of personal growth..

Book Your Registration!!

LAQUINTA INN & SUITES USF (Near Busch Gardens) 3701 East Fowler Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33612 Located Behind Busch Gardens Complimentary Breakfast Daily!! Outdoor Swimming Pool!! or Just take in some of Florida's Fantastic Beaches!! & More!! For Bookings Call 1-(813) 930-0563 Mention Block Price Under The Deshaynior Wedding Conference-Currently No Booking Now!!

If You Require Any Assistance With Finding Accommodations-Please Email:  April Burns Event and Wedding Planning  conference April 25th -26,  2021 !! 11Am -7PM

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Your Featured Speaker, Mentor & Host April Burns

At The Conference, April Will Be Your Host as Well as The Presenter and Mentor. You Will Hear and interact With Experts, and Speakers Who Will Help You to Grow Your Brand and Business, Plan Better Events, increase Your Profitability, Work Better With Your Clients and Find The Ever important Work/Life Balance. Additionally, You Will Hear and Enjoy a Lively Panel Discussion and Participate in Dynamic Round Table Experiences.

Imagine If You Were Fully Booked With Ideal Clients, That's Happy To Pay You Top Dollar?

Imagine Having An Go-To Expert In Your Local Area..Now, Imagine Your Event Business Finally Taking Off!! Like Crazy!! Yielding You Major Results..Imagine Taking The Much Needed Vacations To Recharge Yourself..All Of This Is Possible and More..

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Are You Ready To Join Top Experts & Speakers??

The Journey to Success Doesn't Happen Over Night, It takes Hard Work, Vision, inspiration, and innovation. Event and Wedding Planning is about Creating With Vision For truly Unique Events For Each Client, Learn How to Create the Latest Trends in Event and Wedding Planning and Design.

 Meet Our Team

We love Sharing Our top Experts and Speakers With You!!

Michael Chase

Business and Brand Manager With Unique Wedding Events. Michael, has worked with Corporate Events, Celebrity Events and more. He's a top graduate of UCLA, and is a Party Blogger, and Social Media Brand Coach.

Jill Anderson


Jill, is a tops sales and event leader in Weddings and party Events Worldwide. Her experience in the wedding industry has made her the most sought after party and marketing strategist. She's currently writing her first book.

Jessica Smith

Senior Decorator

Jessica, has worked with Deshaynior Bridal Events, with April Burns, for a few years now. The two have traveled abroad serving brides. Jessica, has an eye for color and design details. She's the co-author of weddings no more.

Jane Ward

Sales Strategist

Jane is at the top of her field as the leading foremost sales strategist, Jane has 7 years experience as a sales manager and sales strategist, she's worked with top leading cosmetic companies. Now a new comer to Deshaynior Bridal Events.

Below is a List of Our Brilliant Experts & Their Expertise!!

Join April Burns, as She Moderates a Panel of true Professionals in Each of Their Designated Fields of Expertise in The industry. This Session Will Be Open and Honest and Real! You'll Get To Ask Questions. From Planners, Chefs, Bakers, Floral Designers and More.

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Take a look at What Our Past Attendees-Testimonials Had To Say Below!

April Burns Wedding Summit Will Change Your Business...

I honestly can't say enough about coach April, and her team of event experts. After attending my sales sky rocketed.

Karen Feltz

My floral and rental boutique owner

My business grew tremendously over a 6 month course. After attending the wedding summit!! April has helped me a lot.

Tess fessworth

Head Sales Director

I can't say enough about the wedding summit. It's been the glue that held my business together. Besides coaching with April.
Angie lockey

Chief  Bridal Manager & Advisor

As a seasoned wedding and event professional and coach there is nothing that I love more than to be ''wowed and my breath taken away with beauty & such detail. I enjoyed the April's wedding and event camp-summit with both my heart and soul.

Valerie Gomez.

Here's a Peek into The Conference!! Below!!

We’d love For You to Grace us With Your presence!!

The April Burns Event and Wedding Camp-Summit

The April Burns Event Planning Conference is Your Gateway and Journey to Growth, Creativity and Confidence With April as Your Business Mentor.

What Will You Take Away--?

Batter Communication With Clients & vendors. Reignite Your Passion and Excitement. Learn How to Gain Exposure For Your Expertise. Learn How to Utilize Mainstream Media/PR Via Local and National Press. Learn to Harness The Power of Social Media & Showcase Your Talents. Increase Your Profitability.
April and her team will append hours with you sharing their knowledge and expertise. Her mistakes and her evolution in the wedding and fashion industry.--You Will leave with The tools, and Strategies Necessary to Build Your Business, Brand and Expand Your Creativity Effectively. April is Excited For You to take this Exciting life Changing Journey with Her.
You'll Gain insider Secrets, Knowledge, along with tools, and Marketing Strategies, Learn How to Position Yourself, as the Authority Expert, in Your field of Expertise. Learn How To take your Niche and Get Rich!! You'll Learn how to turn Your Wedding Business into a well Known wedding firm.

Who Will Attend The Conference? Conference Guests Will Be Made Up of Event and Conference Speakers, Planners, Catering, Hotel Event Staff and Designers. Please Call Us For a Free Quote

1-888-958-0519 Ext 101

You Will Experience a Life and Business Change!!

Here's What You Will Experience at The Conference!!

You're Experience at The Camp-Summit!!

The Summit is What Planners Have Been Asking For, to Learn From April Burns and Grow Their Business and Brand!! Attendees Will Be immersed in new. Each Day Will Be to Get You Started There Will Be a 45 Minute of Mingle, Networking. All Guests Will Be Provided With an Onsite Snack and Lunch. There will Be a Welcome Cocktail Party and Red carpet hosted by April Burns at The Hilton Hotel, As Planners You are Always the One Putting together Fabulous Events for Your Clients, at the Conference. April Burns will invite You to Be Her Guests for two unforgettable Events Hosted by April Burns Where you will Be the Guest and Enjoy a Fabulous Lunch, with live Entertainment and Stunning Décor.

What People are Saying??

April Burns Event camp-Summit is an immersive once in a Life time, Life Changing Experience and is hard to put into words. The details and execution were flawless, the accommodations were right on Point and First Class. Using the techniques, tools and Strategies I learned From April has influenced a unique Creativity I now embrace and use each day. Thank you April, for showing me how to make an event no one will ever Forget!! Your Knowledge has Helped to increase my overall Confidence and Expertise. You are a true Blessing and Visionary!!

A Peek Into The Wedding Summit!! April Burns Event Planning Camp-Summit!! Your Journey of Growth, Creativity and Confidence with April as Your Mentor. There's Never Been a Better Time Than Now!! To Join Us!! at The Annual Wedding Camp-Summit!!...To Take Your Wedding Business to Another Level!!..

1 (800) 123-1234

Come Join April, as She moderates a panel of true event professionals put together and handpicked just for you. Each one designated in their field of expertise within the event industry. Come and be changed, Get unstuck, Go to another level in your personal and professional life.
You're in luck because there will never be another time like now to join a Winning team of wedding professionals like yourself, who are delighted to share their years of knowledge and expertise with you and other wedding professionals.


 April's wedding camp-summit is an immersive once in a life time, life changing experience and is hard to put into words. The details and execution were flawless, the accommodations were right on point and first class. using the techniques, tools and strategies I learned from April has influenced a unique creativity I now embrace and use each day. Thank you April, for showing me how to create an event that no one will ever forget!! Your knowledge has helped to increase my overall confidence and expertise. You are a true blessing and visionary!!..


Better Communication with clients and vendors. You'll reignite your passion and excitement in the industry. You'll learn how to gain media exposure for your expertise. You'll learn how to utilize mainstream media via local and national press. You'll learn how to harness the power of social media to show your talents that can lead to increasing your profitability. April and her sharp team of experts will spend hours with you sharing their knowledge and expertise. Her mistakes and her evolution in weddings and the fashion industry.--you will leave with the tools, and strategies necessary to build your business, brand and expand your creativity effectively. April is excited for you to take this exciting life changing Journey with her.


The wedding summit guests will be made up of several event and summit speakers, planners, catering, business professionals, hotel staff and designers. Any one who's pretty much involved in doing or participating in the wedding and event industry are encouraged to attend this life changing event.


 The wedding summit is what planners and professionals have been asking for, to learn from America's top leading wedding co-planner, wedding and business coach and Celebrity Bridal & Lifestyle, style expert, Fashion designer, The one and only April burns to grow their business and brand!! Attendees will be immersed in new information over the course of the wedding summit. Each morning to get you started there will be a 45 minute of mingling , networking. All guests will be provided with an onsite snack, finger foods and lunch. There will be a welcome cocktail party and red carpet party hosted by April or staff at the summit, as planners you are always the one putting together fabulous events for your clients, at the wedding summit April burns will invite you to be her guests for two unforgettable events hosted by April burns where you will be the guest and enjoy a fabulous lunch, with live entertainment and stunning décor.

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