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The Master of All Masterminds!!

Introducing The Wedding Pro Coaching Mastermind Coach + Education + Group Support. This isn't Your typical Coaching Program.

Custom Support.

It's 100% geared towards custom support, and unlike most of what's out there, you won't get some lame and generic automated experience that totally misses the human element. There's no better way to grow your business.

Interactive Webinars

Watch interactive webinars and training videos where you'll get educations and information ( That's totally relevant to you and your business).

Help You'll Receive

 And think about the real time and live help you'll get for your questions about building a better wedding and event business.

Live Coaching

At times you'll enjoy live coaching, group coaching ( From an actual wedding business coach) You'll enjoy online and distant course training with other like-mined industry leaders.

Personalized Feedback

You'll receive personalized feedback from your coach and peers ( Think of them as your 'board of directors'') Hear and learn from other industry peers and industry leaders like yourself.

It's All Priceless

Absolutely, Totally, and Unequivocally priceless...You won't find a better wedding and event master pro coaching course anywhere.



 The Wedding Pro Coaching Mastermind is a 6 Month Program. There are three 3 Levels of Support Options to Choose from.  Our Next Enrollment Dates Starts Soon!!.

Enrollment For Our Next Pro Course Starts September 2and, 2021 & Closes September 31st, 2021
Start Date: Fall 2021
For more questions & Concerns Call Our Wedding Pro Specialist or Email Us.:
(888) 958-0519--- [email protected]

Course Options!!

Because 1 Size Never Fits All. You Have 3 Options To Choose From.

Premium-Plan Monthly


Per Month for 6 Months

Best Package Offer-ENROLL NOW

Everything Included on Plus And:
Monthly one on one Coaching & Monthly training webinars and videos!! Monopolize my time with  all the things you'll want and need in this live Chat, be excited and accountable for your business goals and get custom coaching for your unique circumstances. This is your time to take the Big!! Stride and Steps towards your Goals!! It's Your Time Baby!!
Access Downloadable Templates, Quick & Fast Media list, Pro Mastermind training Materials.
Vendors, Appointments, and wedding Consulting Support Package. Bonus #1 Includes: How to stand out in your Niche list. Bonus #2 Includes: You receive April's Wedding Pro Bag!!

Plus-Plan Monthly


Per Month for 6 Months

Best for General Upkeep-ENROLL NOW

Everything Included on Basic And:
Monthly training webinars and videos!! It's go time.  You now get to bask in the experience of your  industry leaders and stock your roster with the missing links ( Amazing links you  probably wasn't aware was missing! topics cover the overall Marketing,  the fundamentals of running a very Successful business, from branding to client management to system implantation + Plus all the tools you'll need. Join in our weekly 60 minute accountability session call to connect with me, check in on your goals, planning,  and untangle any kinks.
24/7 Support Service from our wedding Pro Specialist, who are happy to answer any questions you may have about your course or business.
Receive April's wedding Pro Mastermind Materials and training tools, from April's signature Pro contracts, to vendor lists, and  Branding lists.
Basic-Plan Weekly


Per Week For 12 Weeks

Best for Budget-ENROLL NOW

Every week Mastermind Calls in the 60 minute Call Sessions you'll get solid Yummy gold, information and a chance to ask burning Hot Questions!! bring your questions, struggles,  support other participants, and say hello to the Clarity you've been craving.
Access to  Private Facebook & Media Group. Connect with your Mastermind industry's leaders-Cohorts here and make it your home away from home for  the next 12 weeks.  Share your wins, send out the  Boss signal for those boss leaders!!  encourage each other,  and make life changing connections  that can last a lifetime.
Receive a Copy of April's Branding List!!

Inside The Wedding Pro MasterMind Plus And Premium Options.

Here's What You'll Learn In The Monthly Webinars-Trainings.

Learn More

Systems & Routines!!

Browse our services below

CRM 101:

Client relationship management is everything and having the right software will make your life so, much easier. I'll help you choose the best one for you and!! teach you how to maximize it's features. Get to be the most well organized- wedding pro-ever...

The Power of Templates:

Stop reinventing an already invented wheel!! every time you write an email or take a sales call. Let's streamline your business and free up your time start simplizing everything from contracts, emails, sales scripts and more will save you time, win you business and help you stay organized-It's a no Brainer!!

Learn The Basics of System automating:

CRM training for creating invoices, contracts, questionnaires, workflows, and more...this is the artificial team of-intelligence that will be running your business while you sleep, or take that much needed time, power nap or vacation..

Big Picture and Baby steps:

Getting From point A to Point Z starts with knowing your ''z'' Let's start with your Big Goal! where you Ultimately want your business to be or look like- and break that glorious beast!! into smaller Goals!! or Double baby biz!! steps that won't overwhelm you. It's like drawing a map or framing out a house -everything that comes Next!! builds from there..

So, You Want More??

Here's What Can Happen Next!! If You Still Desire Much More!!

Learn More Here!!


The sales process:

 Fro cold leads to booked clients, learn the best practices for taking potential customers from hmmm, maybe to Yes!! definitely. I'm talking sales calls, follow ups, tracking your closing ratio-everything involved with creating brand exposure.

Networking Stardom:

Makes 'em say hell yes to relationships are everything and network marketing can be one of the most powerful catalysts for growth. Build your business and vendor relationships and your reputation like a grown-Boss Pro!! with tips n' tricks brought to you by yours truly. It's one of the top 3 strategies that propelled my own business to go Higher!! ( Up on way Higher) Ground...

Harnessing The Power Of Social Media:

From social media to media out let's can all be considered you're media friends. form Instagram, Facebook!! Consider them your BFF's. Learn to create ads, what to post and when, how to use hashtags, it's good for optimizing your reach and visibility, and how to use Instagram and media stories to your advantage. You can't miss this one.

Forming Company Values:

Craft and control the culture of your company and brand by defining what you believe in and letting that guide your principles and business identity.


Putting it all together:

When you're implementing new ideas, products and systems to your business, the flow can feel disjointed and choppy. Here we focus more on all the moving parts-forming an unforgettable brand and experience.

Website Basics:

Cover your bases and dot those t's- you'd be surprised at how fast an un-optimized website can scare prospects away. It'll cover must-haves and more to help you optimize your website and attract all the right clients.

The Four P's of A Premium Client Experience:

From the beginning to end. Give them the experience of a lifetime by focusing on these 4 things: #1 Place ( store front, online presence-the first impression). #2 product ( does your product align with your pricing). #3 process ( ease of doing business. winning over your clients). #4 people ( creating a positive emotional connection with your clients).



Choose the option that's right for you and Click ENROLL NOW, You'll be taken to the pay cycle.....Also feel out the info form just below where I'll personally review your form & Info to make sure we're a perfect fit..

THE PROGRAM STARTS FALL 2021 AND FROM THERE....WE WORK AND WAIT FOR THE MAGIC.. Keep in mind if ** The Program should be full, and should you miss this opportunity!! you'll be added to the wait list and your form-application will be considered for our next round of enrollment.**

Connect With Me By Filling Out The Form!!~

This Coaching Program Fills Up Quick!! and we don't won't to Leave Anyone Out!! Step 1 By Filling Out The Form and Step 2 Emailing At: [email protected] This Allows April, to place you on the waiting list if  we should Fill Up Quickly.

By Filing out The Form in the message section this ensures April, make sure we're also a perfect fit for your business needs.

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