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To April's Wedding Blog!!

Here's where we'll share tips, idea's and so Much More with Our Brides to Be!! Browse around the site!! 


WELCOME TO MY BRIDAL BLOG!! I'm your wedding Coach, & Celebrity bridal, lifestyle & style expert Dr. April Burns.

I'm delighted that you've joined us here. This blog is here to help offer guidance, support, and education. For the everyday bride and groom.

Welcome To Our Bridal Blog!!

An ongoing series of informational Wedding Tips!!

Our First Blog Entry-Makeup Tips

February 12, 2017

As a Bride Your Makeup will be important. It's an ad on that most brides apply for beauty enhancement. The secret to great wedding makeup application is to be sure you as the bride are going to use makeup that's equal to the season your wedding will be in. Example: Winter, Fall , Summer or Spring, Be sure you use these colors coordinated with the season. Definitely not a bold red lipstick.

Our Second Blog Entry-Bridal Appointments

February 24, 2017

Make your bridal gown appointments ahead of time, you don't want to just show up at an bridal salon without an appointment. Appointments assures that you the bride are not waiting for long hours, and that you'll be seen by bridal style consultants at a timely manner.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Budgeting

March 15, 2017

Planning your wedding is Fun, Exciting and often overwhelming!! Don't let the budget get out of hand and lose sight of the planning overall objective. This is something as a couple you can do together as it's your first step as a pre-married couple working together and handling finances.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Wedding Shoes

March 29, 2017

Shopping around for your wedding shoes can be fun! but don't try to be to budget friendly when choosing your wedding shoes. Book the  appointments try on shoes at several shoe shops. And do remember that an affordable shoe don't have to be expensive but not to cheap can make all the difference on your wedding Day!! You don't want your feet to be hurting because you wanted to save some money.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Couple Date Night

April 11, 2017

Date Night!! Yesss! This is a Big One for many new couples. after getting marriage many couple lose the sparkle and fail to re-kindle the spark. Here's a great Tip!! try to go out on a planned date every first or second week, of the month. Some couples can benefit from twice a month.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Healthy Eating

April 21, 2017

This is important before and after the wedding. Specially before because most brides want to stay withing a certain weight range. That's why planning a healthy daily eating habit is helpful and important.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Hotel Resorts

May 5, 2017

Honeymoon! Honeymoon! Time! The Getaway and Fun!! has begun and it's just the two of you. In love, enjoying each other, while taking in the sandy beaches and having a warm Spa at a resort.

Our Latest Blog Entry-DJ Service

May 15, 2017

It's easy to hire a DJ, but make sure you schedule appointments with more than one DJ!! to ask questions like what type of events they typically work within. They're prices or discounts if any..Most of all how many weeding-events have they done.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Wedding Bouquet

May 25, 2017

Book appointments with several florists before choosing your wedding bouquets. Be sure to ask for any bridal sales or wedding specials that they nay have. Bring a fabric sample or the wedding colors, you're going with. This ensures that you'll pick flowers and Bouquets, that coordinate with the wedding colors.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Hair style

June 13, 2017
An Up due style or ponytail hair style is sure too bring out the brides look with an long sleeve gown that cover the arms and shoulders.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Manicure

June 22, 2017

Be sure to make your manicure appointment ahead of time at least 2-5 days before the Big Day!! Some brides book their nail appointments a week out. But that's giving your hands a chance to become damaged before the wedding. You'll want fresh nails on your wedding day.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Skin Care

July 10, 2017

Facials are a must before the Big Day!! Be sure you book your Facial appointment  ahead of time at least 2-5 days out before the wedding day. Be sure  your applying moisturizer, sun screen, and even a light tan if you wish. This ensures you have radiant, clear and beautiful skin.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Reception Food

July 19, 2017

During the planning of your wedding meal for your guests, be sure to stay within your budget if you're doing a budget plan. Counting the guests heads will allow you to plan your meal plans according to the number of guest that will be attending. This saves you money and keeps you from over spending.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Church wedding

August 15, 2017

You probably know by now, you can pretty much get married anywhere. But if a church is apart of your religion then schedule meetings with the right church officials. and ask about fee's, dates, time, and do they offer wedding ceremony service.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Catering

August 25, 2017

There are plenty of catering companies around and online. But make several appointments with more than one catering company before making your choice. Ask  about deals-any sales they maybe offering or willing to offer after you've asked.

Our Latest Blog Entry- Wedding Photos

September 10, 2017

No one photographer is the same so, ask many questions. They may not specialize in wedding event pictures. It's important to ask about price, discounts, and how long they've been in business. Most all do they offer wedding service. Because capturing you're best Moments is all that matters.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Bridal Party

September 20, 2017

During the reception after your first dance together, try to walk around and greet your guests with a thank you, smile or brief hug...After all they came to honor and celebrate your love-union.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Wedding Gown

October 2, 2017

Your wedding gown should be a reflection of your personality. Allow yourself time to find the right gown for your body type, shape, personality and budget!! I find many brides over-look all of this crucial parts.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Wine tasting

October 10, 2017

Wine Wine!! Your guest will love to sip on some chilled wine..Be sure to schedule your wine tasting appointments ahead of time. 2-6 weeks out from the actual date of wedding. If you're on a budget well try public super market and winn dixie super markets. Some of your local and online wine stores will often offer plenty of deals and sample wine sampling. This is a step your co-planner can assist you with.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Cake tasting

November 27, 2017

Cake tasting is an exciting yet, FUN!! and exciting time. Be sure to ask questions and take at least two-2 friends with you. Ask about discounts-deals and always book your appointment ahead of time.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Florist

November 3, 2017

Be sure to tell the florist what type of flowers you'll be using for the wedding decorations. Book appointments accordingly. And ask for samples to try this will give you an idea of what you actual want to go with as for  your wedding flowers.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Hair Cut

December  19, 2017

So your not adding any extensions? Great!! If you're going to be styling your hair or going to an hair stylist, book your hair appointment at least 1 day before the wedding. Occasionally You can have your hair styled the day of your wedding. This idea ensures that your hair style remains fresh for the Big Day!!

Our Latest Blog Entry-Table setting

December 28, 2017

Table setting can be fun and overwhelming. Try to remember to remind your guest of how appreciative you are by customizing each guest spot with a personalized note.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Honeymoon

January  2, 2018

Be sure to book your honeymoon getaway! 3-6 Months ahead of your wedding date. This way you don't run into over booked flights, hotels issues, and delays. You won't want anything stopping or delaying your Honeymoon Getaway!!..

Our Latest Blog Entry-Gift giving

January  7, 2018

Having a problem with picking out your wedding party gifts? No Problem! Be sure to book your gift shopping ahead of time. Be sure your gift shopping is planned around your bridal gown appointments and other wedding planning appointments. Keep Gift giving simple and en-expensive.

Our Latest Blog Entry-healthy eating

January  7, 2018

Before and after the wedding get into the habit of eating healthy. Creating healthy eating habits are best for you both long-term...Most brides jump on this train before the wedding hoping to shed some pounds before her BIG DAY!!

Our Latest Blog Entry-Couple (DIY) Planning

May 30, 2019

When planning your (DIY) Wedding plans remember you are in the this together. There's nothing wrong with your groom-partner joining in on some of the idea's and planning. Allow him, to feel his thoughts, and opinions matter as well.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Wine Tasting Appointments

May 30, 2020

When planning your (DIY) Wedding plans remember To Book All Appointments In Advance For Wine and Cake Tastings. Take at least 2 family members along with you. Do Plan To Serve Only Obviously To Guest Over 18! and be sure to have other refreshing drinks.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Plan Some Alone Time Away Before The Big! Day.

July 30, 2020

When planning your (DIY) Wedding plans remember Don't Forget To  Schedule Aside Some One-On-One Time As a Couple To Go Over Any and Final Wedding Plans. There Should Be Actual 2 Set Times Set-Up. One With Just The 2 Of You and Another With Your Co-Planner and Wedding Party. This Meeting Takes Place about 1-2 Weeks out from the actual wedding day. This Time Also Ensures That everyone's on the same page.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Hotel and Honeymoon Booking

May  30, 2021

When planning your (DIY) Wedding plans remember Don't Forget To  Schedule Time To Speak With and Do Online Hotel Tours! Be Sure That The Hotel Offers Deals and Honeymoon Benefits That You'll Enjoy! Ask About Any Discounts, and Hotel Amenities.

Our Latest Blog Entry-Retail Customers-Clients Discounts

  July 6, 2021

When planning your (DIY) Wedding plans remember Brides and Couples Are Often Looking For  Deals and Discounts While Planning For The Big Day! Try To Offer As Much Information About Your Offers, Sales and Services. 

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